Happy Birthday Messages For Brother

131. “I hope that this birthday will make you a little wiser, but we both know that won’t happen.”

132. “For your birthday, I wish that you would grow up and start paying me to be your sibling. I come at a price, you know.”

133. “Your birthday wish should be to send your little brother (me) on vacation.”

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134. “Every day that you wake up and smell the fresh air is a good day. Happy birthday, buddy.”

135. “My brother, my buddy. I remember when you used to tell me that you’ll never grow old, but on your birthday, I want to tell you that you’re already going bald.”

136. “Another year filled with fun and adventure awaits my brother on this wonderful birthday.”

137. “I want to go out and have so much fun tonight with my brother on his birthday.”

138. “You may want a million things on your birthday, but I want you to have a day filled with love and happiness.”

139. “Tequila and a beer. That is what I will be saying tonight to the bartender that will …

Funny Birthday Quotes For Friends

251. “Happy birthday to a great friend! The wonderful thing about finally being over the hill is that you pick up speed.”

252. “Happy birthday, friend! I searched far and wide to find you the perfect present. Then I realized, having me as a friend is the best present anyone could ever ask for.”

253. “Happy birthday to a friend I’m pretty sure I would jump in front of a couple trains for.”

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254. “Happy birthday, friend! This is truly a special day. I never thought you’d live to see 30!”

255. “Happy birthday, friend! I don’t care how old you are, you better have a bouncy castle at your birthday party.”

256. “Happy birthday, friend. You really would have loved the gift I never bothered to send you.”

257. “Happy birthday, friend! You only get better with age – and your ability to hide how old you really are.”

258. “Happy birthday to my best friend! I will always be there for you – unless you want to jump out of a plane with only one parachute. I probably …